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LAFORGE remains your most trusted supplier of front 3-point hitch technology for tractors. Customers around the world have, for over 35 years, relied on LAFORGE to help improve the performance of their tractors. Other manufacturers have tried to imitate, but none provides the quality and performance that is founded in our long list of patented and award winning solutions in this field.

LAFORGE SYSTMS INC. celebrates our 25th anniversary in 2016 as the only North American company devoted 100% to supporting dealers and customers with hitch technology for tractors. Competitors come and go, but we are still here. With the LAFORGE group of companies invested in factories and warehouses in the U.S., you can be assured of support long after your purchase of any of our products.

This web site is intended to provide dealers and farmers with the most accurate information in the most efficient way possible about our current products. If you happen to be in the possession of a LAFORGE product that you want to sell, you are also welcome to post it on our “Hitch Classified” page.

More work with less fuel is becoming ever more important. Front hitches allow farmers to attach implements to both the front and the rear. This means fewer passes, improved use of manpower, less fuel consumption, less soil compaction - all leading to improved tractor productivity.

LAFORGE is committed to helping today's farmer, and other operators of agricultural tractors, to maximize productivity and save money. Please explore our site for solutions that can be of use inyour operation.






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