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  Our Story  

LAFORGE SYSTEMS INC will celebrate its 25 year anniversary in 2016. The subsidiary of LAFORGE SAS in France was established in 1991 and has been the cornerstone in building LAFORGE’s reputation for outstanding service and support for our products in North America, and elsewhere in the world.

LAFORGE is a world leader in technology related to tractor-implement relationships, tractor ballasting and weight transfer. The company has been awarded a multitude of patents and awards in these areas. Customers can be found in over 30 countries around the world. Almost 1000 dealers in North America have sold LAFORGE equipment in 48 US states, 9 Canadian provinces, and 3 Mexican states as of October 2015.

Some historical facts:

  • 1972 LAFORGE is founded as a manufacturer of sugar beet harvesting equipment in France.
  • 1974 Mr. Hubert Defrancq takes his first patent - at age 16 - on a front mounted, reversible moldboard plow.
  • 1979 LAFORGE designs our first front 3-point system primarily for front mounting of defoliating equipment for sugar beets.
  • 1984 LAFORGE comes under the management of Mr. Hubert Defrancq and the development of front 3-point systems and automatic control systems gets priority. Sugar beet equipment is faced out.
  • 1989 LAFORGE is introduced on the North American market at the California Farm Show (Now World Ag Expo).
  • 1990 LAFORGE is recognized as "Allied Supplier" by JOHN DEERE for Europe and other selected markets outside North America.
  • 1991 LAFORGE SYSTEMS INC. is established in Concord, California USA. A new, state of the art 3,600 m2 (39000 sq. ft.) manufacturing plant is brought on-line in Guignicourt, France.
  • 1993 - 1997 LAFORGE receives a long list of engineering awards. Among others:
    • Four (4) AE50 Awards for "Outstanding innovations in product or systems technology".
    • One Gold, one Silver, and one Honorable Mention at the SIMA in France
  • 2000 LAFORGE and JOHN DEERE sign an "Allied Suppliers Agreement" making LAFORGE the exclusive, worldwide supplier of front 3-point hitches for all JOHN DEERE row crop tractors built in Waterloo, IA.
  • 2001 LAFORGE signs OEM agreement to supply factory installed 3 points for JOHN DEERE 8000-Series tractors, which continues with the current 8R-series.
  • 2003 LAFORGE extends the OEM agreement with JOHN DEERE to also include front hitch systems for the large frame 7000-Series tractors, which continues with the current 7R-series.
  • 2004 LAFORGE celebrates 25 years of front hitch production and introduces MDI3, MDI4, and MDI5 as new standard hitch models for row crop and utility tractor models from AGCO, CNH, McCormick and others.
  • 2005 LAFORGE again wins a prestigious GOLD MEDAL at the SIMA. This time for DynaContour®. Still today the most advanced automatic control system for front mounted implements.
  • 2006 LAFORGE significantly increases manufacturing capacity and product range by acquiring PERREIN, a diversified French manufacturer of implements ( )
  • 2007 LAFORGE acquires Bruns Machine ( ) in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA in order to have North American manufacturing capability. This facility also serves as the main whole goods warehouse for North America, and includes an installation shop for hitch systems.
  • 2010 LAFORGE opens a new 19 000 sq.ft. office and manufacturing facility in Waterloo, Iowa, USA. It also houses the North American parts depot for all LAFORGE products.
  • 2015 LAFORGE’s exclusive and patented PowerFold® technology is introduced in North America. For the first time operators are able to fold up a hitch by pushing a button in the cab.
  • 2016 LAFORGE introduces the LAFORGE® Guided Hitch for pull-type implement. An Allied Agreement is signed with JOHN DEERE to make it available as an option on several of their planter models.
  • 2016 LAFORGE SYSTEMS INC. celebrates 25 years of service to North America and beyond.






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