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LAFORGE heavy-duty or “Premium” front 3-point systems are well suited for use with dozer blades. “Lift capacity” is not a relevant criterion for selecting a 3-point hitch for this application.

The frame and the lift mechanism have to be designed to withstand the side loads, torque loads, and constant pounding generated by a cutting dozer blade. Even snow plows generate a lot of vibrations because of the relative high working speed.  Peak loads experienced from hitting frozen- in items under the snow, or manhole covers also have to be transferred without damaging the tractor.
Always consult your local dealer, or the tractor manufacturer, to ensure that your specific tractor model in combination with a LAFORGE hitch conforms to their recommendations. LAFORGE’s warranty specifically does not cover any damage to the tractor as a result of any front mounted application.

For the North American market LAFORGE is working with the market leading suppliers of 3-point mounted dozer blades. AnBo Manufacturing, Degelman Industries  or Grouser Products are some of the most common suppliers we see. Please contact these companies, or their local dealers, for more information about their blades.





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