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  Guided Hitch  

After more than 2 years of development, LAFORGE is proud to offer the LAFORGE Guided Hitch to farmers looking for improved accuracy, efficiency, reliability and simplicity.
The Guided Hitch is designed to optimize operations when combined with an Implement Guidance System.


The LAFORGE Guided Hitch is controlled by the GPS implement guidance system to automatically steer the implement to follow the guidance line.
Currently, it is designed to fit two-point pull-type implement. A three-point hitch version is under development for mounted implements.

A great advantage for farmers with:
Uneven fields – Dramatically reduces implement side-hill drift
Contour farmed fields – Keep the implement on the same guidance line as the tractor
Efficiency in mind – At each headland-turn, the implements gets back in line quicker

Other benefits:
• Improves yield by reducing seedbed compaction
• Better seed placement relative to nutrient application
• Superior end-rows and consistent guess-rows
• Better operation in varying soil conditions and difficult terrain
• Year to year repeatability during field applications
• Decrease operator fatigue, labor, and fuel costs
• Reduces crop damage and improves efficiency when used in previous and subsequent field operations:
- Strip till
- Spraying
- Side-dressing
- Harvesting


Application with John Deere 1770NT, 1775NT, 1790, 1795 planters:
• Replaces the factory John Deere planter hitch.
• Integrates seamlessly to the planter.
• Simple installation – one bolt, one electrical connection, and two hydraulic lines.
• Improved steering response – Automatically steers planter to guidance line.
• Use with John Deere Active Implement Guidance for sub-inch (2.5 cm) planting accuracy.
• Up to 20 inches (50 cm) of horizontal hitch travel.
• Ground Clearance: only 3.5in (7.5 cm) less than factory hitch
• Service: Maintenance Free Composite Bushings, the LAFORGE Guided Hitch is completely maintenance free.
• Weight: Less than 450lbs (200 kg)







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