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April 2014 Press Release:

Push-button folding introduced with new LAFORGE Front 3-Point Hitch for JOHN DEERE 7R.


LAFORGE continues the commitment to meeting the diversified needs of customers for front 3-point hitch technology. The GreenLink® line of hitches for JOHN DEERE tractors is now expanded with the introduction of the heavy duty HD6/7R PowerFold® model for the standard 7R-Series tractors. The JOHN DEERE hitch-ready factory option is not required for this hitch.  

The patented PowerFold® system, allowing the operator to fold and unfold the hitch from the cab, is standard on this hitch model. It’s a unique feature not offered by any other front hitch manufacturer.

With 6 400 Kg (14 100 lb) lift capacity and the heavy-duty premium design criteria, this front hitch system is perfect for dozer blades and tillage equipment.

An extensive list of options include remote switches, hydraulic center link, LAFORGE’s full line of automatic control systems, including  the patented DynaContour® as well as FLEXIMASS® ballasting system and EASYMASS® weights.

GreenLink HD6/7R  PowerFold® is available as an accessory to JOHN DEERE 7-Series tractors through their world-wide dealer network.

LAFORGE SYSTEMS INC., with locations in Concord, CA, Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA was established over 20 years ago as a subsidiary of Laforge SAS, France, to ensure quality distribution, service, and support of Laforge made products in North America.  In addition to the Laforge label, products are also marketed under the EASYMASS®, FLEXIMASS®, GreenLink®,  PowerFold®, and VersaDeck™ trade names.

For more information:; e-mail ; phone 1-800-422-5636  


GreenLink®HD6/7R PowerFold®




November 2011, Hannover, Germany

LAFORGE participated in the enormous AGRITECHNICA 2011 farm equipment show with a booth representing the three branches of our manufacturing in Europe:

  • Front hitch technology
  • Ballast technology
  • Farm Implement

Included in the about half a dozen hitch systems on display, was the PowerFold, the first hydraulically folding front hitch system on the market. Also  DynaContour®,  the most advanced automatic control system for front hitches, caught a lot of interest because it now includes pressure control in the basic specifications. It allows for regulation of the ground pressure of front implements like mowers and defoliators.

But the most interest by far was generated by our display of a prototype front hitch system with the capability to lift a dozer blade far higher than is possible with a conventional front 3-point hitch.

On the ballast side you found assorted BigPac weights by EASYMASS® and the award winning FLEXIMASS® ballast carriers.

The LAFORGE implement display consisted of the unique FLEXIPASS ripper with swivel-shanks for easy pulling and hydraulic reset safety for continuous operation in fields with rocks.

Also worth noting: The “Tractor of the Year 2012”, the JOHN DEERE 7 280R, was on display in the JOHN DEERE booth with a factory installed front hitch system that’s supplied by LAFORGE.

AGRITECHNICA 2011 had over 2700 exhibitors from 48 countries and saw 415 000 visitors from all over the world. AGRITECHNICA is held every other year and is now alternating with the AG CONNECT EXPO in the U.S. and the SIMA in Paris, France.




October 2011 Press Releases:


LAFORGE Front hitches and Front PTO for the new JOHN DEERE 6R tractors.


As part of LAFORGE’s continuing commitment to meeting the diversified needs of our customers, LAFORGE is now offering several models of front hitches and front PTOs, as well as exclusive electronic controls for the new JOHN DEERE 6R series of tractors.

-GL ST3.8/6R with 3800 Kg (8 360 lbs) lift capacity is a standard front hitch intended for most common applications.

-GL PR5.5/6R with 5500 Kg (12 100 lbs) lift capacity is a premium front hitch for when extra strength and durability are required. It’s also well suited for offset loads.

-GL HD4.5/6R with 4500 Kg (9 900 lbs) lift capacity is a Heavy Duty front hitch for special applications and very intensive use.

All hitch models are designed to allow installation in less than an hour (excluding options).





The GL PR5.5/6R Premium front hitch is a of an entire new design with cast-iron frame and lower link bracket.
 It is perfectly integrated with the tractor, thus ensuring maximum steering angle and full ground clearance.

It is equipped with storage kit for the center link and hitch balls. Options include front hydraulic receptacles (up to 2 kits), return oil line, light connector, ISO connector bracket, as well as the exclusive LAFORGE electronic controls and DynaContour®.




LAFORGE FrontPower PTO systems are designed with wet multi-disc clutch and modulated engagement. Two models are available in North America:

-540 RPM , 6 splines output shaft, clockwise rotation when looking at the shaft

-1000 RPM, 21 splines output shaft, clockwise rotation when looking at the shaft


This equipment will be introduced at AGRITECHNICA in Germany this fall by LAFORGE SARL, Hall 13, Stand E28, and exhibited at many trade shows in North America during 2012.




The industry leading LAFORGE Position & Traction Control for front hitches now incorporates, in the base specification, a “carrying pressure control” function.

Down-pressure control is an optional add-on.


This system allows an implement to follow the ground contour with constant weight applied to the ground. This is especially useful with implements such as a mower, shredder, or defoliator.

The down-pressure control, on the other hand, can apply a constant pressure to the ground when used with rollers or packers for example.





DynaContour®, LAFORGE’s patented control system for ground engaging implements such as front plow, ripper, etc. (gold medal at 2005 SIMA show), can be accessed from the same control unit.

This equipment will be on display this fall at AGRITECHNICA in Germany by LAFORGE SARL, Hall 13, Stand E28.


In North America contact:

LAFORGE SYSTEMS INC., Concord, CA – Cedar Falls, IA

Ph. 1-800-422-5636














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