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  Counter-ISO Rotating PTO System  

(Not available in North America)

The standard for front PTO systems calls for 1000 rpm, regardless of the size of the tractor. All “factory installed” front PTO systems on agricultural tractors rotate at 1000 rpm. International standards (ISO) also require front PTO systems to rotate clockwise as seen from the front of the tractor (= counter-clockwise as imagined from the cab).

Virtually all implements that are specifically designed for front mounting, i.e. hay mowers, require a 1000 rpm PTO.

“Backwards” rotating PTO systems are common in some markets, and LAFORGE offers an outstanding product in this segment.

Counter-ISO PTO Specifications

  • Continuous output rating: 170 HP, or full engine HP of the tractor if lower
  • Rated rpm: 1000
  • Direction of rotation: Counter to ISO standard (counter-clockwise viewed from the front)
  • Output shaft: 1 3/8” diameter, 6 splines






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