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  FrontPower 540  

The standard for front PTO systems calls for 1000 rpm, regardless of the size of the tractor. All “factory installed” front PTO systems on agricultural tractors rotate at 1000 rpm. (Compact tractors and ground care vehicles can have other speeds.)

LAFORGE recognizes however that a lot of implements are only available for 540 rpm. This is especially true for tractors in the 50 – 100 HP range. Snow blowers, fertilizer applicators, sprayer pumps, are some examples.

FrontPower 540 is LAFORGE’s answer to this demand. It uses the same, industry leading, technology as our 1000 rpm model that is rated at 180 HP. Due to the higher torque loads on components in a 540 rpm system, we limit the stated continuous rating to 80 HP.

FrontPower 540 Specifications

  • Continuous output rating: 80 HP, or full engine HP of the tractor if lower
  • Rated rpm: 540
  • Direction of rotation: Correct according to ISO (clockwise viewed from the front)
  • Output shaft: 1 3/8” diameter, 6 splines





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